It always interests me to hear or see music and visual art which is labelled ‘obscure’ – the material artists produce that offers no nod to the mainstream or to commercialism but has a powerful personal meaning. It can, by some, be seen as self indulgent but often strikes a chord with others who seek a connection outside the proverbial ‘box’.

In this area of my website, I will let my creative output pander to the periphery of the ‘box’. I’ll probably slip in and out, slide up and down – VYSHKA is a high tower.


This project was a collaboration with the artist Malcolm Roy Poynter. Malcolm was born in the UK and studied at Goldsmiths Collage of Art and the Royal College of Art. Exibiting sculpture and painting internationally since 1973 his work also encompasses concept and design of restaurants, record covers, video art, theatre and jewellery. 

Photography by Alan Duns
Video & Music by Roland Kemp
A piece of music and film to breathe to. Conceived as an end piece to a yoga session